Tuesday, August 30, 2011

About: A Journalistic Approach

I wanted to get a jump start into my future of journalism so I decided to make this particular blog to begin interviewing various people on various different topics. From authors to musicians, people in the media, and the extraordinary housewife. I feel like an interview makes an audience feel closer to that subject and there is something to be learned.
For many years I've attempted to write and even had a book in works with Daw, but a bad case of writer's block stood in my way. Just based on a few sample chapter pages I had my chance and blew it. The one good thing was that the editor at the time (10 plus years ago), had gotten in touch with Amy Tan on my behalf. Many of you may know that she has always been an inspiration to me even though I've never reached the point that I've wanted to. She was kind enough to send me an autographed postcard with a picture of herself and her dogs on the front. I cherish it to this day.
With the self publishing of a flop of a book and a few poems that are meaningless I have changed my focus to journalism. I guess in a sense I want to live vicariously through all the amazing people that I may never be. I've always been a people watcher and have always been curious as to what the lives of strangers are like, and this is really just taking that to the next level. I'm not a professional, as of yet, as I have just started my schooling. However, I am going to seriously advertise this blog and even get a domain name of it's very own in the future. It may be a slow start, but I will build it up and hopefully many readers will enjoy it's content. Also, if you have any suggestions of interviews you would like to see I will try my best to provide. Just shoot me an email: elizabeth.davis.le@gmail.com

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