Thursday, September 1, 2011

Interview with Steve Ewing of The Urge

Steve Ewing is a musical icon of Saint Louis. We were with The Urge during their reign on MTV, and many of us have been avid followers of Steve's career after the temporary disbandment of The Urge. However, Steve has a lot more going on in his life than just the shows that he plays. Aside from being an entertainer he is a father, a husband, and an entrepreneur.

ME: Steve, you have started up a new restaurant, Steve’s Hot Dogs on the Hill. What inspired you to open a hot dog restaurant, and what can people expect as far as the menu?

SE: The restaurant is an extension of the mobile hot dog business I've been running for a little while. I wanted to have a place to go to all year long in a foodie kinda neighborhood. The menu will have classic All Beef dogs from New York and Chicago, 8 different sausages from around the world and fresh chili too!

ME:  During one of your shows at Luna Lounge, you talked about how much you loved having a daughter. What do you really enjoy doing with your family during your down-time? Also, do you see anymore children in the future?

SE:  Yeah, It's sweet being a dad. You never know about having more kids. Seems like we don't have a lot of downtime, but we love getting outside as much as possible. Camping, floating, swimming...

ME: You have a beautiful wife and daughter, but tell us about the woman behind the man? How did you two meet?

SE: Thank you! Beth and I met in the early 90's in St. Louis. She was a grad student and I was on a break from touring. We started dating a year later and stayed at it-

ME: We have all heard that the Urge is playing at Pointfest, which is completely exciting! Do you think that the Urge will ever get back together or do you think you are happier having your life here in St. Louis and doing your own thing?

SE: The Urge is back together. So we will have more shows and music for sure. But I'll be able to still do my own projects here. I couldn't imagine NOT doing the Steve Ewing shows. Last year we did almost 200!

ME: So, Steve…You just had a birthday recently. How did you celebrate?

SE: I celebrated my birthday by playing a show! I always do! Ha!

ME:  When you aren’t playing or making music, what are you listening to currently?

SE: Lately, I have been listening to AWOL Nation, The Dead Weather, The Gorge, Death Cab. I'm also having a Peter Tosh Renaissance.

ME:  What is the greatest song of all time?

SE: There is no way I can answer the "Greatest Song" Question. I've tried and failed too many times!

ME:  Final question: Where do you see yourself and your life in the next five years?

SE: It's funny, but I can't see five years ahead. I'm able to stay happy by pushing buttons right now and waiting to see what happens. I do know that I'll still be performing and writing and recording. And I'll always be a champion for St. Louis musicians- cause there are a lot of sick ass cats playing out!



  1. great read! I was wondering about how he was gonna balance the band and his own thing. and wow, 8 different sausages? it's gonna take a few visits to try them all

  2. Yeah I think I will do a review on the restaurant...maybe we could go together :)

  3. Steve has to be the hardest working musician in the world.

    Every time I'm in STL, I try to catch one of his shows. I almost feel like I have to--the guy is too talented to miss.

  4. Jason, I hope you enjoyed the article and I will try to do another interview with him in the future.