Monday, September 12, 2011

Interview with John Pertzborn of Fox 2 News

Fox 2 News in the morning is compiled of several great personalities that mesh so well together, which is why it is my preferred news station. However, out of all of the personalities on the program the one that stands out to me the most is that of John Pertzborn. A native of Wisconsin he has been in Saint Louis since 1986 and happy to be here. On a whim and not actually expecting him to agree I asked if he would be willing to let me interview him for my blog. Being the kind person that he is, agreed and was more than hospitable when Clayton (my new editor) and I arrived. Mr. Pertzborn took us around the studio and offices. I was in pure amazement. I had been interviewed once on the news a very long time ago, I didn't get the chance to really see much. It was great experience for me being a journalism student.
I got to sit behind the desk with John and Clayton commented that it seemed I fit there and that it seemed natural and comfortable to me. I will admit that I was up very late last night filled with excitement, waiting in anticipation for this interview. It was all that I had hoped for and so much more. I will say that John is as friendly, funny, and as real in person as he is on the air. I figured that he was, but you can never be too sure. Clayton and I stood with him as we watched a segment that was being taped with Tim Ezell and milkshakes from Fountain at Locust, which we got to partake in. They were delicious!
After today I can truly say that not only has he furthered my aspirations, but I can say wholeheartedly that he is one of the most fantastic and admirable people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. A gentleman and a scholar, Mr. Pertzborn provided me with a wealth of information and kept his opinions honest. He stated that journalism is not a glamorous job and you have to be sure that you really want to do it. I've never been so sure of anything my whole life. I could turn my life alone into a novel, but I prefer to look at the lives of others. Maybe one day I will have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pertzborn's acquaintance again, but it will be memory that I forever cherish!

I want to personally thank Mr. Pertzborn and the entire Fox 2 news staff for their time and allowing me to come in today. Oh, and John Pertzborn is the authority on bow ties, expect them on Tuesdays. Hear the interview below and enjoy!

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